Mass Grave In Northern Romania

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Sunday, 3 May 2009

romania communism communist
BUCHAREST, Romania - A mass grave containing the bodies of three members of Romanian's anti-communist resistance group, White Guard, turned up on Monday (April 27th) near the village of Nepos in northern Romania, media reported.

The grave contained bones and a boot that will undergo forensic analysis, said experts from the Romanian Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes.

Authorities tentatively identified the dead as Ioan Leonida Bodiu, Ioan Burdet and Toader Dumitru. The communist-era secret police Securitate executed and buried them in 1949.

When will we finally be rid of this communist shadow, when will we be allowed to forget those days and live a normal free life that isn't overcast by the memories of these 'animals' that ruled our country for so long. When...........not in my lifetime !!


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