Sniper Position For Rent - Serious Enquiries Only

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Tuesday, 23 June 2009

sniper position for rent
Last year the NATO Summit was held in Bucharest, Romania. I was surfing the net tonight and I came across an advert a guy posted on his blog. It is absolutely hilarious. I know it is 12 months out of date but read on:

Sniper Position For Rent During NATO Summit

From my terrace you have a clear view of the People’s House where the NATO 2008 Summit will take place between 2nd and 4th of April. I’m renting out space for whatever needs you might have: TV crew, sniper, etc.


- each spot has 1m width

- multiple spots available

- 24/7 access to the terrace

- soft drinks and snacks included

- access to a bathroom and storage facility (limited availability)

Price: 5000 EUR / spot / day

For preferred positioning a 25% surcharge will be applied (first come first served basis).

Only one person is allowed for every spot purchased. Additional persons are charged at 500 EUR / person / day for a maximum of 3 persons / spot.

Outside NATO summit period you get a 50% discount for all services.

Full prepayment is required one week in advance to book a spot. I can take Cash, VISA/Mastercard via PayPal or Bank transfer in Romania or offshore account.

Serious inquiries only.

Now you have to go and read the comments he received, it had me laughing my ass off....Comments can be read here

"Help, Send An Ambulance, I'm In The Hospital"

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Sunday, 21 June 2009

A Romanian hospital patient had to call the emergency services because nobody heard him crying for help.

Stefan Ososchi, 80, who suffers from an incurable disease, said he was lucky to have his cellphone with him.

He had been admitted to the County Hospital in Botosani and put on a drip but the nurses forgot to come back to take out the needle from his vein.

Mr Ososchi said: "I waited for the nurse come and take the needle out. It had been almost an hour and nobody came.

"I had terrible pains in my arm and I tried to take it off myself but didn't succeed. I began to cry for help. It was in vain so I called 112 and asked for their help."

The head of the County Hospital in Botosani said the two nurses who were in charge of the patient will be disciplined for negligence.

Ambulance service spokesperson Dorina Andronache said: "I thought it was a stupid joke when I heard that somebody from a hospital was asking for help. But it turned out the patient was indeed in trouble." -

Emilian Cutean, Go To Jail And DO NOT Collect $200

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Saturday, 20 June 2009

emilian cutean

It has been twenty long years since that glorious day when the romanian people rose up against the Communists and kicked them out of our country.

But despite the passing of all those years, there are still low life, corrupt greedy people mingling in our government. Time will catch up on them though and one by one we will weed out this vermin and despatch them to prison where they belong.

One was caught this week.

A Bucharest court on Monday (June 15th) sentenced state secretary Emilian Cutean to 5 years in prison on charges of corruption and misappropriation of state funds.

Cutean headed the State Secretariat for Revolutionaries' Affairs -- a government body in charge of giving financial support to people who took part in the 1989 anti-communist revolution.

The court found him guilty of abusing his office by authorising a payment of about 85,000 euros in 2004 to an NGO that he chaired.

Good bye and good riddance to this pig.

Oi! Tourist! Leave Those Bears Alone!

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Friday, 19 June 2009

european brown bear romania

The Brown Bear used to wonder all over Europe a long time before any of us European humans did. Despite this, the only place you can see them now is in Romania, Transylvania.

In my area of Tarlungeni, Zizin, Sacele, Brasov they can be seen every night wondering the streets in the quiet hours of early morning looking for food. They don't come looking for us. They empty the public dustbins in their search for a snack. I have seen them hundreds of times in my back garden, emptying out the rubbish all over my lawn as they search for food.

It's no big deal. I go out next day and tidy up, it takes me no more than five minutes and I owe them that much as my race, the human race has all but destroyed every home they ever had in Europe.

A brown bear will not bother you. We tell tourists that if they ever come across a bear while walking in the forests or in the mountains to just stand still and DO NOT under any circumstances look him/her in the eyes. The bear will smell you long before you ever see him, but sometimes they will carry on with their foraging and you may stumble across one. He will see you, check you out from a distance and if you are motionless and not staring in his eyes, he will go away. To stare in his eyes is a threatening gesture to a bear, he WILL feel threatened, and believe me, you do not want to be on the receiving end of the wrath of one of these guys.

The only time you could be in real trouble will be if you come across a mother bear with her cubs. This is very unlikely to happen, she will smell you from a great distance and will take her cubs away to safety. If you do stumble across the mother bear, again look down in a subordinate way, and very very slowly back away from her. You might get lucky and she will let you go. But the mother bear is ferociously protective of those babies and will KILL any single threat to them.

But the odds of you getting anywhere near her to see her cubs is remote.

Despite all this advice, stupid tourists come to Transylvania, they see a bear and they think it is cute, they shout to them, throw food for them and screech and shout. This panics the bear, makes him feel threatened and he will attack. These bears are cute, they are beautiful creatures, but they are killing machines and people wont listen to advice.

Because of the stupidity of tourists, it has now been necessary to move 25 bears from their homes in the Sinaia Mountain region. Because the tourists don't know hot to respect other creatures, who have more right to be there than they have, these bears lose their homes.

I am so fucking angry this has happened. I am so sad too. These creatures have all but been forced out of Europe.

Let them be now. Leave their homes and their land alone.

BUCHAREST, Romania -- Authorities have launched an operation to relocate about 25 brown bears at the Sinaia Mountain resort, in an effort to ensure tourists are safe. Sinaia Mayor Vlad Oprea announced on Wednesday (June 17th) that several bears have already been moved to forests in the Arges region, about 100km west. Increasingly, bears in the Carpathian Mountains are heading down to towns looking for food. Tourists have been snapping photos of them and in some cases, even offering them food, which has led to scattered attacks over the years. (AFP, Ziare, Darik - 17/06/09)

Racism Is Alive And Well In The UK

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Thursday, 18 June 2009

Below is a story from the Daily Telegraph which reported on Romanians being attacked and their houses wrecked by people in Northern Ireland. This is a disgraceful thing to happen in a so called civilised society.

It is not the fault of the Irish, of course. Hopefully it is a mindless few who do this, or at least I hope it is.

We as Romanians are a peaceful people. So let me tell you this, anyone, and I mean ANYONE is welcome to our country and we will greet you with open arms and make you feel like you are a part of our family.

I hear this shit that people speak saying we come from Romania and we take jobs from the people of the UK. This is nonsense. Very few of the people who come to the UK or France and other places in Europe are qualified for good paid jobs they are normally hard working honest Romanians who are fleeing nothing more than poverty.

All they ask for is a place to live and they will work hard to support their families, and this is all. They wont bother you or your family and will stay away from you if that is what you wish. If you choose to befriend the Romanians they will be a friend for life.

This deal works both ways and we, as Romanians, get the shit end of the deal I feel but nothing is new there.

People come from Western Europe and buy up property and land in our country and then they want to destroy it all to build big time ski resorts across our beautiful countryside in Transylvania to satisfy the demands for holidays etc etc for Western Europeans and Americans.

We don't want our beautiful mountains destroyed and our medieval towns and villages commercialised, but such is mans desire for leisure and relaxation, we will have no choice in this issue. Mankind destroys everything that is beautiful anyway. So Transylvania will soon become a beautiful memory only for us.

People need to live in peace and harmony. Romanians will harm nobody, they just want a basic, normal life like the people in the West enjoy. Is that too much to ask for while you destroy our mountains?

A group of Romanians has again been attacked in Northern Ireland as politicians are due to meet to discuss racist offences against immigrants.

In the latest incident, the home of a Romanian family came under attack in east Belfast at about 11pm on Wednesday night, the Police Service of Northern Ireland said.

A police spokesman said it was being treated as a hate crime.

The attack came after a gang allegedly broke into two homes in the university area of the city and vandalised the properties, made Nazi salutes and chanted slogans linked with the far-right group Combat 18.

One hundred migrants were left homeless as they moved out, fearing further attacks.

Dr Mihai Delcea, Romania's consul general, has asked for to meetings in Northern Ireland and is expected to meet Margaret Ritchie, the Social Development Minister, at the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont.

Elena Basescu - The Sexy President's Daughter

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Friday, 12 June 2009

Italy's rakish prime minister / media mogul, Silvio Berlusconi, has said he wants to see some "fresh faces" in the upcoming 2009 European parliamentary elections, and it appears his wish will be granted.

One candidate is 28-year-old Elena Basescu, sexy daughter of Traian Basescu, the president of Romania.

Dubbed the "Romanian Paris Hilton," she's done some modeling, is quite the party girl and has had many beaus.

In response to critics who say she doesn't have the intellectual firepower needed to represent her country in the European Parliament, her father counters that Elena is "much cleverer than people think." Nice Maserati, too.

Romanians Do Like Their Pets

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Monday, 8 June 2009

lion raised in romanian garden
A news agency says a man was rearing a lion in his back garden in Romania until neighbors decided they had heard enough roaring and called police.

Rompres state news agency says police found a caged 3-year-old lioness, as well as two deer, a stag and two peacocks roaming the garden of the man's home in the southern village of Pietrosita.

The 28-year-old man is being charged with illegal possession of wild animals and could be sentenced to up to a year in jail. He also faces a fine of up to £4,430.

The daily Evenimentul Zilei newspaper said Wednesday the lioness will be taken to the Bucharest zoo, but that police will let the man keep the peacocks and his dogs.

O Lume Minunata

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Versuri melodie “O lume minunata”

E-o lume minunata in care veti gasi
Numai copii
O lume cu mult soare si multe jucarii
Pentru copii
In lumea cu povesti si flori veti intalni
Numai copii
Si-o lume a inocentei pastrati-o orice ar fi
Pentru copii

Ieri am fost si noi copii
Dar timpul ne-a schimbat
In viata am pornit si vise am implinit
Asa cum ne-am dorit
Ganduri bune cate-am strans
Si tot ce-am invatat
Copiilor sa dam iubirea ce-o purtam
E timpul sa le aratam

Ieri am fost si noi copii
Dar timpul ne-a schimbat
In viata am pornit si vise am implinit
Asa cum ne-am dorit
Ganduri bune cate-am strans
Si tot ce-am invatat
Copiilor sa dam iubirea ce-o purtam
E timpul sa le aratam
Ce zambet poate fi
Mai bun, mai curat
Ce ochi stiu a vorbi atat de adevarat.

E ziua ta, copile!

Lunecand pe bolta-albastra
A venit intai o stea
Ca sa-mi scrie pe fereastra:
- Sa traiesti, e ziua ta!

A venit si-o randunica,
Tot langa fereastra mea!
Ciripind a vrut sa-mi zica:
- Sa traiesti , e ziua ta!

Si salcamul plin de floare,
Frunza-ntr-una-si legana;
Sa-mi sopteasca o urare:
- Sa traiesti, e ziua ta!

Dar si flori si cant si stele,
Toate le-am putut afla,
In urarea mamei mele
Sa traiesti, e ziua ta!

Orice Copil
de George Tarnea

Orice copil are un nume,
Orice copil are o zi,
Lumina lui aprinsa-n lume
De noapte ne-ar putea pazi.

Orice copil are o tara,
Orice copil are parinti,
Descoperind din vara-n vara
Alt joc al pasilor cuminti.

Orice copil are o cale,
Orice copil are un gand,
Calatorind pe cer la vale
Si printre spini din cand in cand.

Orice copil are un leagan,
Orice copil crede-n povesti,
Adapostind o lume-ntreaga-n
Curatii ochi copilaresti.

Orice copil are o mare
Pe care-si poarta barca lui,
Dar nu se-asteapta sa coboare
La tarmul marii nimanui.

Orice copil culege fluturi,
De dorul unei mangaieri,
Si-ntoarce vremea la-nceputuri
Cu teama de-al rosti pe “ieri”.

Orice copil se poate face
Si floare si paun si cerb,
Silabisind cuvantul pace
Pe limba fiecarui herb.

Orice copil are sub gene
Si stropi de roua si ghetari,
Hraniti din legile viclene
Din jocul unor oameni mari.

Orice copil reface-n minte
Destinul primului cuvant,
Putand sa stranga in cuvinte
Lumina-ntregului pamant.

Orice copil e o minune
Irepetabila precum
Ivirea zilei din genune
Si focul soarelui din scrum.

Fii cuminte, copile drag

Fii cuminte drag copile, poarta-te frumos si bine!
Caci la om, buna purtare, este ca la pom: o floare.
Fii cuminte, ca-ti sta bine!

Fii cuminte, fara ura si cu cei mai mici ca tine!
Da raspuns la intrebare, bland si fara suparare!
Fii cuminte, ca-ti sta bine!

Cand vei fi cu fiecare, bland, cuminte si voios,
Toti te vor vorbi de bine, si-or privi cu drag la tine!

Fii cuminte, ca-i frumos!

Traian Besescu Praises Romanian Forces In Iraq

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Romanian President Traian Basescu said his country is willing to participate as much as it can in the reconstruction of Iraq, adding the withdrawal of Romanian troops will be followed by visits by businessmen and firms contributing effectively in the rebuilding of Iraq.
“Romania will do whatever it can to play a role in the reconstruction of Iraq now that it boasts good experience in the fields of oil and agriculture,”
Basescu said in a joint press conference with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani on Thursday.

Earlier on Thursday, Basescu was in Iraq for a handover ceremony to mark the end of his nation’s military mission in the country, a media source said.
“The president arrived in Thi-Qar leading a high-profile delegation and was received by senior Iraqi officials, including the chairman of the local council, Qusai al-Abadi. You played an important role in Iraq, and I thank all Romanian soldiers for leaving your families and putting your lives at risk,”
Basescu said at the ceremony, which marked the start of a total pullout of Romanian troops. The 350-strong Romanian contingent, part of the U.S.-led coalition, has been engaged in logistics and training duties. It is scheduled to leave by July 31 under a bilateral agreement signed in January.

The Iraqi army’s chief of staff, Gen. Babaker Zebari, praised the efforts of multinational and Romanian forces, which he said had helped “Iraq get rid of the previous regime.” “Iraqi forces are ready, with the help of friendly forces, to take responsibility for security in Iraq,” Zebari added.

Only U.S., Romanian, U.K. and Australian troops remain in Iraq as part of the coalition that ousted dictator Saddam Hussein in 2003. The spokesperson for the Multinational forces, Major Chad Carlo, had said earlier that the Romanian forces ended their mission in Iraq and will start withdrawing from Thi-Qar on Thursday.

moldova citizens queue to apply for visas to escape the communist governmentThere are grim times in Europe’s corner of despair. Restoring some stability and a fair democratic system to Moldova is important, first and foremost, because Moldovans deserve a government that is fair and democratic.

Moldovan citizens are queuing up in their 1000s filling forms out to apply for citizenship of neighbouring Romania at the main post office in Chisinau.

Three floors of Moldova’s parliament building are a charred ruin. So is democracy in Moldova, a former Soviet republic that is now Europe’s poorest country. Of Moldova’s 3.5mn people at the time of independence, 15% have already left the country to seek better lives elsewhere. More than 63% of Moldova’s young people say they want out.

In early April, a disputed election victory by Moldova’s ruling Communists triggered protests. Political opponents and disaffected people, many of them young and with few prospects of finding jobs, took to the streets. A violent few broke into the offices of the country’s president and its parliament building, which was set on fire.

In response, the Communists blamed the violence on the opposition political parties, which it called “fascists”, and on Romania and Romanian irredentists in Moldova. The police cracked down on young people and took hundreds into custody. Several died, apparently from beatings.

President Vladimir Voronin later granted the detainees amnesty. Nevertheless, many remain in detention and Voronin continues to hurl accusations at the opposition and Romania of organising a coup d’├ętat. Legal proceedings have been opened against opposition parties.

Restoring stability and a fair democratic system to Moldova is important, first and foremost, because Moldovans deserve a government that is accountable. Stability is also important because the country borders on Romania, a European Union member state. The two countries share a language and culture, and, until Stalin separated them, were even part of the same state.

A vocal minority of Moldova’s people believe that merging their country with Romania would put the country into the express lane to EU membership, with its generous financial perks and, perhaps most enticing of all, passports that would enable them to escape a no-hope economy to build lives elsewhere.

Many Moldovans, indeed, already have Romanian passports so that they can travel and work in the EU. Some Romanian officials, including President Traian Basescu, have bandied about the idea of distributing Romanian passports to as many as a million Moldovan citizens, a quarter of the entire population. Of course, the Moldovan government balks at any attempt to lure away its citizens.

The United States should do more to help bring stability to Moldova. Together with the EU, the US can help ensure a credible investigation of the post-election violence and complaints against the police. Amerca should be more energetic in demanding that the Moldovan authorities respect the rule of law, issue a roster of all detained persons, provide them access to lawyers and family members, and guarantee that they are not harassed.

Opposition leaders and democracy watchdogs say Moldova’s election process was fundamentally flawed. The country’s broadcast media, especially its television stations, gave a disproportionate amount of air time to the ruling Communists during the election campaign. The Communists are alleged to have rigged the balloting by adding names to the voter rolls and reviving the dead for the day.

In the long run, the US and EU should support civil society organisations in pressing Moldova’s government to guarantee more equitable distribution of television time, to stop police harassment of opposition political leaders and workers as well as journalists, to reform the police and end the ruling party’s abuse of state institutions, and to allow all political parties more opportunity to inspect election rolls and monitor polling stations. They should insist that opposition parties are included in a dialogue.

The US can put weight behind its demands by placing conditions on its financial assistance to Moldova. The EU has even more leverage. Moldova is more dependent on the EU than any other former Soviet republic.

More than half of the country’s trade is with the Union, and Moldova receives significant EU financial assistance. Most Moldovan emigrants work in the EU, and almost 75% of Moldova’s population support EU membership.

Romania, too, should play its part and offer to sign a basic treaty and a border agreement with Moldova.

The last thing impoverished Moldovans need is an autocratic, unaccountable government that lacks sufficient imagination to find a way to revive the country. And just about the last thing the EU needs is an influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing poverty, political repression, and despair in Moldova and other countries of the former Soviet Union. — Project Syndicate

Cristina Corduneanu Needs Help Right Now

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Thursday, 4 June 2009

"And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love.

But the greatest of these is love."

1 Corinthians 13:13

Cristina Corduneanu is one of those people you will only ever come across once in a lifetime. She is a young girl who has so far dedicated her life to helping the orphans and poorer people in my region of Romania. She works for the FAST (Fundatia Pentru Asistenta Sociala si Tineret) Charity in Romania.

Her work has involved raising cash and working tirelessly herself in order to make the lives of literally thousands of people much better. She has given many 100s of children a meaning to their lives and hope for their future in my village of Zizin as well as Sacele and Tarlungeni in the Brasov area of Transylvania in Romania.

Cristina Corduneanu has been stricken with Leukemia last year, and recently the disease has become so aggressive, her life is now in danger.

Below you will see the email sent out from the FAST Charity with an update to what is happening to Cristina. If you visit Cristina Corduneanu's Website you can read more about her yourself.

Dear Friends

Thankyou to all those who have given generously so far.
Things are moving very quickly, and Cristina's situation is becoming increasing desperate.
Since the last email you received Cristina has traveled to Belgium for medical tests. Her doctor advised that, due to the advanced nature of her Leukemia, there would be no point conducting any further chemotherapy. He advised that the stem cell transplant needed to take place by the 8th of June. Left longer, the disease will become more aggressive and Cristina's chances of survival diminish.
The cost of treatment has been revised down from 80,000 euro to 50,000 euro, however the clinic cannot commence the treatment until they have either an official commitment from the Romanian health department, or the 50,000 euro up front. Her family has made numerous approaches to the Romanian health department but they are refusing to help. Cristina has raised nearly 32,000 euro so far, this leaves her with the daunting task of raising 18,000 euro in one week.
We again ask all those who can to give generously. If everyone on this mailing list took it upon themselves to raise just 25 euro each, Cristina could have her treatment.
Thank again for all your support.
Everyone at FAST

Here you can read a message from Cristina Corduneanu herself. She doesn't beg for money or feel sorry for herself. She humbly asks for some help in this her darkest hour of need. Read Cristina Corduneanu's message.

As you can see, the amount needed for Cristina Corduneanu to receive her treatment was 18,000 Euros which had to be raised in 7 days. They now need 7,924 Euros in 4 days.

The sad thing is, if EVERYONE on my Twitter account gave just $2 or £1.50, that would take them to the target they need. So if you can find it in yourself to help with ANY amount, no matter how small or insignificant you might feel it is then please, please do. ANY AMOUNT WILL GO TOWARDS GIVING CRISTINA CORDUNEANU HOPE.

The Human Race has enough bad people at large, we need to grasp people like Cristina Corduneanu and keep a hold of them. She does so much good work and asks for very little in return. Now in her hour of need the world MUST give her something back.

Maybe the Romanian government might step in with the cash, maybe the Belgian government might help but we can't rely on this, we MUST make sure this cash is available to her in case no one helps.

Below you can see a video of Cristina Corduneanu's work with children and poor people. Take a look and find it in your heart to save this young girl's life so she can carry on her great work.

Please don't ask to send cash to me. I am not authorised to collect cash for any charities at all. The places to go for donations are Cristina Corduneanu Website or to the FAST Charity Website

You can go to either of these websites and have them checked out. FAST are registered under a British Charity too. This can be found here at Cleaford Christian Trust.

They have British Charity Reg Numbers, VAT Registration and Inland Revenue Registration if anyone has any doubts about this.

Again, thanks for reading this and if you have a little space on the internet where you can provide a link back here, then please do, PLEASE.

Alexandra The Romanian Belly Dancer

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Monday, 1 June 2009

Here is Alexandra Gagica, known as Alexandra The Romanian Belly Dancer.

She is a big hit in America and has appeared at the Dance Chicago International Rhythms Concert among other shows. She is the best belly dancer in the world according to us Romanians, but we are a bit biased.

This video is hilarious. She is in the car with her friend Oana and a DJ called Radu and she just goes a bit crazy. The music is "Vreau sa ma distrez (Everybody dance now)" mix done by Stralucirea & Bob Sinclair.

How would you like a girl who can move like this ?

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