The Heroes Cross Monument Atop Caraiman Peak

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Romania Caraiman 2007 Vazut Dela Casa Feliciei Cernaianu Din Poiana Tapului, Busteni.

Caraiman Peak

The Heroes' Cross, monument located atop Caraiman Peak
Elevation: 2,260 metres (7,414 feet)
Location: Romania
Range: Bucegi Mountains, Southern Carpathians
Coordinates: 45°24′22.21″N, 25°29′51.72″E

The Caraiman Peak is a mountain peak located in Romania, in the Bucegi Mountains of the Southern Carpathians. It has a height of 2,260m. The nearest town is Bu┼čteni.

The Heroes' Monument

Atop Caraiman peak lies the Heroes' Cross, a memorial of World War I. It was erected between 1926 and 1928, at the initiative of Queen Maria of Romania. The material needed for construction was carried up using a funicular, as well as carts carried by oxen. The monument's height is 29.5 meters and the arms' length is 14 metres.

The cross is lit at night using 300 x 500W bulbs. Until 1939, the lighting installation was powered by an electric generator located inside the base of the monument and was made up of only 120 bulbs. In 1939, it was connected to the national electrical network.


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