Road Rage Driver Bites Pedestrian

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Thursday, 16 July 2009

A road rage driver bit a pedestrian in Romania because he took too long to cross the road.

Mihai Nicoara, 36, told police the furious motorist leapt from his car and sunk his teeth into his belly at a crossing in Iasi.

"He just shouted at me and then grabbed me by the belly with his teeth. He tore my shirt and I have a pretty nasty wound now," he said.

Police say driver Radu Becali is now being charged with assault for the attack.

But Nicoara has vowed to hurry up crossing roads in the future.

"I didn't ever think I was slow at crossing the road. But drivers often beep their horns at me and I just thought they were being friendly," he said.

"Now I'll make sure I never dawdle again," he added.

So next time your dawdling about when crossing the road, let's just hope the drivers who are waiting are not Romanian.

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