Vlad The Impaler

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Friday, 31 July 2009

If you were Vlad the Impaler (more commonly known as Dracula) of 15th century Romania, you took revenge on people by simply impaling your victims by forcing them to sit on a sharp and thick pole. The pole was then raised upright and the victim was left to slide further down the pole by his or her own weight.

Often, the pole would emerge through the sternum so that its tip could be placed under the chin to prevent further sliding. It could take the victim three days to die. Vlad did this to between 20,000 and 300,000. It is said he enjoyed having a meal while watching impalements.

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Masaj erotic Cluj Napoca said...

Cum isi mai bat unii joc de istoria noastra.

Anonymous said...

Wow this is just brutal... no wonder he inspired Bram Stoker to his Dracula...

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