Ilie Nastase

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Nastase was a genius on the tennis court and considered one of the most gifted tennis players in history, Ilie Nastase was noted both for his sorcery with the racket and his ability to entertain, amusing spectators with his antics and mimicry, even during a crucial phase of a match, he was likely to do something bizarre that would entertain the crowd.

Nicknamed the Bucharest Buffoon, Nastase could master all the shots, playing either baseline or serve-and-volley. One of the fastest players, he is remembered for his magnificent lobs and retrieves. Nastase could apply a discomforting spin to his shots, being an expert at putting the ball just beyond an opponent’s reach.

His greatest weakness was a fragile nervous system and erratic temperament, but when he maintained his concentration during a match, he could conjure up the most devastating tennis, being regarded as a tennis magician or an artist creating with great originality and panache.


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