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romanian mushrooms
1. Boletus edulis – well known and much appreciated. The less known fact is that is very similar with Boletus reticulatus. Apart from some minor physical differences that reveals only to the specialist's trained eye, a good determination character is the habitat: B. edulis prefers especially coniferous forests (but not totally avoiding the deciduous trees), meanwhile B. reticulatus does the opposite. So if you find it somewhere near spurces or firs, it's a 80% chance to be Boletus edulis. (the same thing apply for B. reticulatus in a contrar case)

2.Chalciporus piperatus – grows exclusively under conifers; small sized and often overlooked, although it appears in numbers has a hot, peppery taste. edible

3. Boletus pruinatus – a specie with similitudes with B. chrysentheron. There is no citation of this specie in any Romanian publication, as I know, so this may be a new taxa for Romanian fungi flora! Edible

4. Phylloporus pelletieri- a bolete with gills! (instead of tubes and pores). Formerly belonging to Paxilaceae family, new reseasches found many similitudes with the boletes, so it was reasigned into Boletaceae family. Indeed, the flesh has a consistence and taste very bolete-like. Edible.

5. Boletus (Xerocomus) rubellus- grat looking specie, with a vivid red cap colour in young and fresh mature exemplars (as the photo shows). Also edible.

6. Boletus castaneus - from Gyroporus subfam., small sized but makes up on tastiness: sweet, hazelnut-like. The stem is empty. Edible

7. Strobilomyces strobilaceus - weird looking, the only specie of its genus growing in Europe. A rare one in Romania. Flesh turns red, then grey when bruised or cut. Edible, but not having much value.

8.Leccinum duriusculum - bulky and fleshy, having a fine taste. Grows only under Populus tremuloides. The flesh also turns red then grey when cut, but at the base of the stem turns rapidly green-blue. Eddible, very good.

9. Buchwaldoboletus lignicola - grows near or on conifers or coniferous stumps, having golden tubes and a great orange coloured and velvety cap. This one can be also be a first for Romanian fungi flora, being not cited in any publication ! Edible


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