Those Damned Apartment Blocks!

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Sunday, 19 April 2009

clausemburgo apartment blocks
Click the picture to enlarge.

This is Clausemburgo, thousands and thousands of blocks like these were built in every city during the Communist regime that came to power right after WWII and lasted until December 1989, when the iron curtain finally fell in Romania.

Although we have regained our freedom, and have a fresh new democracy and a growing capitalist market economy, most of the cities' population still lives in blocks such as these pictured above.

A small two-room appartment of some 50 square metres (540 sq. feet) now sells for about 40-50.000 Euros ($52-65.000 US), while the minimum monthly wage is $170 US and a good average monthly wage is around $400-500 US. Yeah, that's about 5-6k a year, netto, in US dollars or 3-4k a year in British Pounds.

And that's why most of our computer programmers work abroad, making 5-10k in a month, which is comparable to 1-2 year's wage at home.

Hopefully, as the newly reborn economy is steadily growing, these differences will gradually become a lot smaller. But that will still take years from now.....for now we MUST work abroad and take the abuse that comes with it :(


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