Cristina Corduneanu Needs Help Right Now

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Thursday, 4 June 2009

"And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love.

But the greatest of these is love."

1 Corinthians 13:13

Cristina Corduneanu is one of those people you will only ever come across once in a lifetime. She is a young girl who has so far dedicated her life to helping the orphans and poorer people in my region of Romania. She works for the FAST (Fundatia Pentru Asistenta Sociala si Tineret) Charity in Romania.

Her work has involved raising cash and working tirelessly herself in order to make the lives of literally thousands of people much better. She has given many 100s of children a meaning to their lives and hope for their future in my village of Zizin as well as Sacele and Tarlungeni in the Brasov area of Transylvania in Romania.

Cristina Corduneanu has been stricken with Leukemia last year, and recently the disease has become so aggressive, her life is now in danger.

Below you will see the email sent out from the FAST Charity with an update to what is happening to Cristina. If you visit Cristina Corduneanu's Website you can read more about her yourself.

Dear Friends

Thankyou to all those who have given generously so far.
Things are moving very quickly, and Cristina's situation is becoming increasing desperate.
Since the last email you received Cristina has traveled to Belgium for medical tests. Her doctor advised that, due to the advanced nature of her Leukemia, there would be no point conducting any further chemotherapy. He advised that the stem cell transplant needed to take place by the 8th of June. Left longer, the disease will become more aggressive and Cristina's chances of survival diminish.
The cost of treatment has been revised down from 80,000 euro to 50,000 euro, however the clinic cannot commence the treatment until they have either an official commitment from the Romanian health department, or the 50,000 euro up front. Her family has made numerous approaches to the Romanian health department but they are refusing to help. Cristina has raised nearly 32,000 euro so far, this leaves her with the daunting task of raising 18,000 euro in one week.
We again ask all those who can to give generously. If everyone on this mailing list took it upon themselves to raise just 25 euro each, Cristina could have her treatment.
Thank again for all your support.
Everyone at FAST

Here you can read a message from Cristina Corduneanu herself. She doesn't beg for money or feel sorry for herself. She humbly asks for some help in this her darkest hour of need. Read Cristina Corduneanu's message.

As you can see, the amount needed for Cristina Corduneanu to receive her treatment was 18,000 Euros which had to be raised in 7 days. They now need 7,924 Euros in 4 days.

The sad thing is, if EVERYONE on my Twitter account gave just $2 or £1.50, that would take them to the target they need. So if you can find it in yourself to help with ANY amount, no matter how small or insignificant you might feel it is then please, please do. ANY AMOUNT WILL GO TOWARDS GIVING CRISTINA CORDUNEANU HOPE.

The Human Race has enough bad people at large, we need to grasp people like Cristina Corduneanu and keep a hold of them. She does so much good work and asks for very little in return. Now in her hour of need the world MUST give her something back.

Maybe the Romanian government might step in with the cash, maybe the Belgian government might help but we can't rely on this, we MUST make sure this cash is available to her in case no one helps.

Below you can see a video of Cristina Corduneanu's work with children and poor people. Take a look and find it in your heart to save this young girl's life so she can carry on her great work.

Please don't ask to send cash to me. I am not authorised to collect cash for any charities at all. The places to go for donations are Cristina Corduneanu Website or to the FAST Charity Website

You can go to either of these websites and have them checked out. FAST are registered under a British Charity too. This can be found here at Cleaford Christian Trust.

They have British Charity Reg Numbers, VAT Registration and Inland Revenue Registration if anyone has any doubts about this.

Again, thanks for reading this and if you have a little space on the internet where you can provide a link back here, then please do, PLEASE.


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