Oi! Tourist! Leave Those Bears Alone!

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Friday, 19 June 2009

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The Brown Bear used to wonder all over Europe a long time before any of us European humans did. Despite this, the only place you can see them now is in Romania, Transylvania.

In my area of Tarlungeni, Zizin, Sacele, Brasov they can be seen every night wondering the streets in the quiet hours of early morning looking for food. They don't come looking for us. They empty the public dustbins in their search for a snack. I have seen them hundreds of times in my back garden, emptying out the rubbish all over my lawn as they search for food.

It's no big deal. I go out next day and tidy up, it takes me no more than five minutes and I owe them that much as my race, the human race has all but destroyed every home they ever had in Europe.

A brown bear will not bother you. We tell tourists that if they ever come across a bear while walking in the forests or in the mountains to just stand still and DO NOT under any circumstances look him/her in the eyes. The bear will smell you long before you ever see him, but sometimes they will carry on with their foraging and you may stumble across one. He will see you, check you out from a distance and if you are motionless and not staring in his eyes, he will go away. To stare in his eyes is a threatening gesture to a bear, he WILL feel threatened, and believe me, you do not want to be on the receiving end of the wrath of one of these guys.

The only time you could be in real trouble will be if you come across a mother bear with her cubs. This is very unlikely to happen, she will smell you from a great distance and will take her cubs away to safety. If you do stumble across the mother bear, again look down in a subordinate way, and very very slowly back away from her. You might get lucky and she will let you go. But the mother bear is ferociously protective of those babies and will KILL any single threat to them.

But the odds of you getting anywhere near her to see her cubs is remote.

Despite all this advice, stupid tourists come to Transylvania, they see a bear and they think it is cute, they shout to them, throw food for them and screech and shout. This panics the bear, makes him feel threatened and he will attack. These bears are cute, they are beautiful creatures, but they are killing machines and people wont listen to advice.

Because of the stupidity of tourists, it has now been necessary to move 25 bears from their homes in the Sinaia Mountain region. Because the tourists don't know hot to respect other creatures, who have more right to be there than they have, these bears lose their homes.

I am so fucking angry this has happened. I am so sad too. These creatures have all but been forced out of Europe.

Let them be now. Leave their homes and their land alone.

BUCHAREST, Romania -- Authorities have launched an operation to relocate about 25 brown bears at the Sinaia Mountain resort, in an effort to ensure tourists are safe. Sinaia Mayor Vlad Oprea announced on Wednesday (June 17th) that several bears have already been moved to forests in the Arges region, about 100km west. Increasingly, bears in the Carpathian Mountains are heading down to towns looking for food. Tourists have been snapping photos of them and in some cases, even offering them food, which has led to scattered attacks over the years. (AFP, Ziare, Darik - 17/06/09)


sucka99 said...

if i wandered the streets of Brasov and stumbled across a bear i would be scared shitless and forget any advice i was given!

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