Racism Is Alive And Well In The UK

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Thursday, 18 June 2009

Below is a story from the Daily Telegraph which reported on Romanians being attacked and their houses wrecked by people in Northern Ireland. This is a disgraceful thing to happen in a so called civilised society.

It is not the fault of the Irish, of course. Hopefully it is a mindless few who do this, or at least I hope it is.

We as Romanians are a peaceful people. So let me tell you this, anyone, and I mean ANYONE is welcome to our country and we will greet you with open arms and make you feel like you are a part of our family.

I hear this shit that people speak saying we come from Romania and we take jobs from the people of the UK. This is nonsense. Very few of the people who come to the UK or France and other places in Europe are qualified for good paid jobs they are normally hard working honest Romanians who are fleeing nothing more than poverty.

All they ask for is a place to live and they will work hard to support their families, and this is all. They wont bother you or your family and will stay away from you if that is what you wish. If you choose to befriend the Romanians they will be a friend for life.

This deal works both ways and we, as Romanians, get the shit end of the deal I feel but nothing is new there.

People come from Western Europe and buy up property and land in our country and then they want to destroy it all to build big time ski resorts across our beautiful countryside in Transylvania to satisfy the demands for holidays etc etc for Western Europeans and Americans.

We don't want our beautiful mountains destroyed and our medieval towns and villages commercialised, but such is mans desire for leisure and relaxation, we will have no choice in this issue. Mankind destroys everything that is beautiful anyway. So Transylvania will soon become a beautiful memory only for us.

People need to live in peace and harmony. Romanians will harm nobody, they just want a basic, normal life like the people in the West enjoy. Is that too much to ask for while you destroy our mountains?

A group of Romanians has again been attacked in Northern Ireland as politicians are due to meet to discuss racist offences against immigrants.

In the latest incident, the home of a Romanian family came under attack in east Belfast at about 11pm on Wednesday night, the Police Service of Northern Ireland said.

A police spokesman said it was being treated as a hate crime.

The attack came after a gang allegedly broke into two homes in the university area of the city and vandalised the properties, made Nazi salutes and chanted slogans linked with the far-right group Combat 18.

One hundred migrants were left homeless as they moved out, fearing further attacks.

Dr Mihai Delcea, Romania's consul general, has asked for to meetings in Northern Ireland and is expected to meet Margaret Ritchie, the Social Development Minister, at the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont.


Aristarkhos said...

Incidentally, I read about this after the hate crimes committed on some Indians in Australia. Racism is a part of almost every country. Even my country -- India. Unfortunately, it takes only a handful to spread distrust, hatred and insecurity.
(Came across your page on FootBo :))

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