Emaciated Children In Braila

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Saturday, 28 February 2009

orphan orphanage romania
Some Romanian orphans are treated worse than you would treat a dog. These are human beings. Forget about all this shit about why their parents had these children for now. Look at this child, will discussion like this help him? No it wont, in fact no one is helping him. Our government is full of corrupt assholes and the sooner the world sees all this the better.

I could take you to several orphanages in and around Bucuresti that 'don't exist' and show you cruelty like you would never imagine. They wont let you in.....in fact the police would probably arrest you if you went near it. The plans to get into the EU and the future requirements to get cash off the EU depend on all this being hidden away but I'll be a thorn in their side until these children are helped. It is a building with 200+ children inside and NOT ONE OF THEM CRIES !! Why not you may ask yourself. Because they have given up, yes they have given up. When they cry nobody comes, so why fucking bother.

I haven't given up though. Maybe it is too late for this generation but the next might be saved if we ALL give the Romanian government enough pressure.

MDRI investigators found emaciated children, starving and near death, at the adult psychiatric facility in Braila.

Several teenagers weighed less than 30 lbs.

Mental Disability Rights International (MDRI), has found children with disabilities hidden and wasting away, near death, in Romania's adult psychiatric facilities.

A report released by MDRI, Hidden Suffering: Romania's Segregation and Abuse of Infants and Children with Disabilities, describes teenagers weighing no more than 27 pounds.

Some children are tied down with bedsheets, their arms and legs twisted and left to atrophy.

Despite Romanian government claims that it has ended the placement of babies in institutions, MDRI found infants languishing in a medical facility so poorly staffed that the children never leave their cribs.

Many of these children have no identity papers. Officially, they do not exist.

These shocking revelations come at a time when Romania, in its efforts since joining the EU, is under pressure to reduce the number of children in institutions.

Romanian officials admitted to MDRI that they had no idea how many children with disabilities are in adult facilities.

"I call on the government of Romania and the EU to put a stop to these abuses PLEASE, these are Romania's most vulnerable citizens. The inhumane and degrading treatment that they are forced to endure is intolerable and violates international human rights law."

Somebody somewhere might read this and help, but probably not !


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"worse than you would treat a dog"- Are you an animal abuser or something?

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