The Praid Salt Mines

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Saturday, 28 February 2009

priad salt mines
priad salt mines
priad salt mines

If you ever go to Romania then you MUST visit Priad Salt Mines - it will take your breath away with it's stunning beauty and you will stand in awe at the work that has been done there.

It is made up of three main tunnels (picture 2) and inside there is a playground for children (picture 1) - then, be prepared to see the church that has been cut out from inside the mine (picture 3), it is a miraculous achievement to build it and a sight you will never see again as long as you live.

Every time I go there it brings tears of joy to my eyes. Though our country doesn't have much money compared to many others, just look at what we can do with the things God gave us, it makes me so proud to see these things and it is why I love Romania so much.


Anonymous said...

Praid. Localitatea se numeste Praid.

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