Romanian Holocaust Rememberance Day

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Thursday, 5 February 2009

romania holocaust rememberance day
A man that reads Memory Day holds a
booklet during an event to mark the
International Holocaust Remembrance Day
in Bucharest, Romania, Tuesday Jan. 27, 2009.

About 800,000 Jews lived in Romania before
World War II, half of them died during the war or
were sent to concentration camps.

Only about 6,000 Jews live in Romania now
according to official statistics.


Anonymous said...

Please allow me a few corrections:

about 780.000 Jews lived greater Romania, about 2/3 of them in territories like Transylvania and Basarabia which were not under Romanian control until the end of the war.

The majority of Romanian Jews survived the war and emigrated to Israel in the 60ies.

About 150000 Jews live currently in Romania.

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