Posted by carlyluvsunited on Friday, 6 March 2009

Some parts of Romania are still a century behind the Western world and it is these parts of home I like best. There is an open door at EVERYONE'S house, even when they are out. We just wonder in and out of each others homes if we need something we borrow it and it's just normal to us. We use horse drawn carts to transport things. It doesn't get any greener than that. Our houses are basic and so are our lives. But everyone has a smile on their face and everyone is happy. It doesn't get any better than that.

Most people even have a cow and other animals in their gardens. The cows are collected by a herdsman every morning and taken to pasture. At around 4.30pm don't go out in your car. The herdsman releases the cows and they make their own way home, I am not joking. The streets are littered with cows meandering back to their 'families'.

Some people call our ways and our lives backward but the world will join us in our ways soon when they have wrecked their own piece of land.


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