Who Put The Carp In Carpathians

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Thursday, 5 March 2009

To those who may think that this is a typing error
I am sorry to disapoint them This is playing
on words (jeux de mots, which the English like
so much).

Definition of the verb "to carp" - "To carp"
is a slang word which means to find fault,
often pettily and unreasonably

Other definition of "Carp" (noun) - a Dacian tribe
which lived in the 3rd century AD in Eastern
Romania (Moldavia) and who constantly
fought against the Roman empire.

The name of the Carpathian mountain chain
derives from the name of this ancient tribe.

The Bucegi are part of the South
Carpathians chain and they border to
the west the North-South Prahova river
Valley along which is the main DN1 linking
Bucharest to Brasov.

Peaks: "Omu" Peak 2,505m altitude

The Bucegi is believed to be the Thracian
holy mountain Kogainon, on which the
mythical figure Zalmoxis resided in a cave.


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