Girls Dancing On A Car In Costinesti

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Thursday, 5 March 2009

romania girls costinesti

Nightlife in Costinesti (pron. Cost-in-yeshti) is very sexy.

Partying is the order of the day.

Most partying is centered mainly around the two clubs
(Ring and Tineretului), in which, during the summer
months, concerts are held nightly by the most popular
bands from across Romania.

Because Costineşti is mostly frequented by youngsters,
the atmosphere tends to be livelier than in the other
Black Sea resorts.

Costineşti is easily accessible, either by train or car.

There are two railway stops within the resort (South
Costineşti - Tabără, North Costineşti), and the town is
connected to the main E87 road which runs north to
Constanţa and south to the Bulgarian border.

If you want a nice cheap holiday with plenty of parties
and beautiful girls Costinesti is for you, trust me.


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