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vlad tepes vlad the impaler dracula burial grave snagov romania
The village of Snagov is a short jog north of Bucharest, and may be a worthwhile trip for any Dracula enthusiasts. The most notable feature is the lake, in the center of which is located an island. On this island is a 16th century monastery . . . and in the monastery—you guessed it—is the tomb of Vlad the Impaler. What setting could be more perfect for the grave of one of history’s spookiest personalities?

The Legend of Snagov: In one version of the story, Vlad the Impaler was murdered in a nearby forest, and the monks of the monastery took it upon themselves to inter the villain. Perhaps the monks felt indebted to Vlad for the additions he insisted be added to their abode—most bizarrely, a prison and a torture chamber. Whatever the reasons, the monks dressed the body richly and put it to rest in front of the church alter.

The Mystery of Snagov Monastery:
Less romantically, there are some arguments against the body in the tomb being that of the real Vlad. While Vlad did request to be buried at the monastery, some say that it was another nobleman who was placed in this tomb.


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