The Devil's Throat

Posted by carlyluvsunited on Monday, 9 March 2009

Location: They are situated between the Lacu Rosu Resort and the Bicaz-Chei commune.

Description: The Bicaz Gorges are cut by Bicaz River in the central-eastern part of Hasmasu Mountains. They are 8 km long. In this area Bicaz Valley is flanked by some heights locally called “Pietre”( Stones) like Piatra Altarului (the Altar’s Stone), Piatra Arsitei ( the Burnt Stone), Piatra Glodului( the Mud Stone). In the central part of the Bicaz Gorges there is the most spectacular point called “the Devil’s Throat” which consists in very steep walls situated very close one to another so the sun rays can not reach to the surface of the water. The region is very frequented by the alpinists. The Bicaz Gorges are a natural protected reservation.


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